What Finishes Come with Marble Countertops

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Once you have seen marble countertops near Atlanta, it is hard to think of something quite as gorgeous for your kitchen or bathroom area. Even better, there are a number of different types of finishes available to help you personalize the look of your new counters to fit the existing design of your space.

Since ancient times, marble surfaces have been a staple in architectural design thanks to their durability and attractiveness. There are an infinite number of patterns and colors available, and each slab is unique. While all of that is great news, the story doesn’t stop there. Marble can also be finished to add even more appeal and texture. So what types of finishes are available? Most granite companies can provide you with:

Honed Finish – This is a matte, velvet-like texture that leaves your countertops looking nice and natural. It is a great option for high traffic areas as it has low sheen and hides scratches really well.

Leathered Finish – This is the finish you want to use when you are looking for the antiquated look of marble stone. This natural-looking finish gives a brushed and tumbled look that people love.

Polished Finish – Want a super glossy sheen on your marble surface? Then this is the type of finish you want. It leaves the marble looking silky smooth and very elegant. Highly versatile, a polished look is perfect for both traditional settings as well as more modern ones.