What Are the Different Qualities in Granite?

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Granite will always be chosen for its durability and beauty. However, there is a variety in the different types of granite and a variance between the individual slabs of each type of granite. When you are shopping for a granite slab be mindful of the different attributes of granite since they may impact the quality of your slab and its price. One of the major advantages of granite is that no two granite slabs look the same. The following are some of the factors to pay attention to when you are shopping for granite:

Color: There are certain colors and styles of granite that are rarer than others, which makes them pricier. The rarer or more exotic the granite, the more its prices go up. You also need to figure in the fabrication and installation costs when you are reviewing the granite available to you.

Size:   If you have a large kitchen or bathroom and plan to use more than one slab of granite, you want to be sure that the slabs you choose were cut consecutively and come from the same lot. You don’t want thin slabs—less than one-inch thick—because those pieces were cut into slimmer pieces, which reduces their durability.

Quality: The bathroom countertops near Atlanta from Granite Access Granite slabs are available in different qualities and strengths. Work with us to be sure you are confident in the granite you choose for your new countertops.