Tips to Help You Choose Granite Countertops, Part 1

Granite Kitchen Countertops in Loganville, GA

Upgrading your kitchen countertops with granite adds appeal and value to your home. Granite is so popular that it’s routinely used in model homes. When you are ready to choose your new countertops, there are a few important considerations. Ask yourself if you want a contemporary look or a more traditional style. Are you interested in dark or light countertops? You’ll also need to think about what granite fits the style of the rest of your kitchen like the cabinets and appliances. Also, remember that each piece of granite is unique. The following are some of the ways you can ensure you’ve made the best choice for your new granite countertops:

Choose the Right Thickness

The three standard thicknesses for counters are a three-quarter inch, one and one-quarter inch, or one and one-half inch. The industry standard for granite kitchen countertops is around one and one-quarter inches.

Select the Right Color

If there is a lot of activity in your kitchen and children are frequently using the counters, you may want to choose darker colors of granite because they are less likely to stain than lighter colors. Choose a lighter color if the granite countertops are in an area that does not get much interaction with food or drinks.

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