Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom Countertops, Part 2

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To continue our blog on “Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom Countertops,” check out the following additional suggestions for helping you keep your counters as spacious and clear as possible:

Door Caddies
Consider getting a door caddy if you have items you need to access regularly. Door caddies come in a range of different styles and types, from plastic hangers to terrycloth, pocket styles to shelves and cups. With a door caddy, getting to your items is as simple as closing the bathroom door.

A Lazy Susan
A lazy Susan works great for cabinet organizing, letting you make the most of corner cabinet depths. A smaller one can be used directly on your counter, but you can also install larger ones inside the vanity.

Collect the small items that clutter up your bathroom and use wicker baskets of different sizes on shelves to help you keep related items together and keep small items from making a mess on your counter. You can always add baskets to another shelving area in your bathroom, to ensure that you’re able to organize and access everything easily.

Trays & Dividers
Use trays and dividers on shelves for very small items like nail polish, tweezers, and nail clippers. Store related items in the same tray, and keep them organized by using dividers. There are numerous tray styles available to help you add appeal to your bathroom as well.

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