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Granite & Marble for Bathroom Countertops in Atlanta

Bathroom Countertops in Atlanta

The material you choose for your bathroom countertops in Atlanta does matter. In fact, it makes a great deal of difference for the users, as well as potential buyers. Whether you select granite or marble is up to you, but using handsome natural stone enhances the appeal and value of your home.

There are two types of stone that stand out among others for use in your bathroom. These include granite and marble:

Granite — Granite is perennially popular due to its fascinating pattern with specks and swirls or streaks of colors. Available in a variety of shades, this stone fits into your color scheme. It certainly has the looks you need, as well as the durability. Granite resists scratches and scrapes and when sealed, provides a smooth surface that resists bacteria and germs.

Marble — With those fascinating swirls, marble makes a prized countertop for your bathroom. Its elegant appearance adds beauty and value to any property. You can choose polished marble for a handsome shine or honed stone for a matte finish. Then, too, marble is as tough as it is lovely, as it’s strong enough to resist chips and dents. When sealed, it does not allow cosmetics or hair products to stain its surface.

Whichever you choose for your bathroom countertops, granite or marble is sure to please.