Residential Granite Countertops

Adding new residential granite countertops will help you increase the value of your home by dramatically transforming the look and style of the rooms that you have them installed in. This natural building material comes in a wide variety of colors and has a unique grain that depends on where and how it was quarried, so no two granite countertops will ever look exactly the same.

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We can also install residential granite vanity tops, sinks, bar tops, fireplaces, and many other surfaces in your home that's located around Bethlehem, Georgia. Granite Access even offers leftover granite remnants for sale in many different colors and sizes for your next residential or commercial project. On average, these remnants are approximately 2' x 3' in size and cost only $25 each.

Contact us to request an estimate for residential granite countertops. We proudly serve property owners throughout Georgia and the surrounding area.