Proper Maintenance and Care: Keep Your Countertops Looking Stellar!

We are so happy that you chose granite as a beautiful addition to your home. Granite has a natural, classic look and is durable with easy maintenance. With the proper care, your granite counter tops will last you a lifetime! That being said, I know you are wanting to know what those care and maintenance steps are.

Here are some important pointers to keep your counters shining like new at all times. First of all, depending on the type of granite you chose, you will need to apply a sealer. This keeps them stain resistant. You will need to reapply about every 2 years in order to maintain protection. Then you will need to perform daily maintenance that includes cleaning the countertop with warm soap water and cleaning up any spills immediately in order to prevent sticky grim. In general, just as you would any surfaces, you should treat your granite with the care that will last forever. These general tasks mean, although granite is heat resistant, it is still a good idea to use hot pads rather than leave a hot pan sitting on the counter for an extended amount of time. It’s also a good habit to use a cutting board rather than cut directly onto the surface with sharp knives. It also includes using coasters for cups and vases.

If you would like to know more about the maintenance and care of your granite, feel free to ask us. We want to help you keep your counter tops looking as good as the day they were installed!