Is Your Kitchen No Longer The Happy Place In Your Home? Do You Hate Your Kitchen? New Countertops Can Help!

It’s hard to be barefoot and singing in your kitchen while cooking your family’s favorite dish when you hate being in there. Does your kitchen just bring your down? Whether it be dated, damaged, or just plain ugly, new countertops can change the look and feel of your kitchen in no time! What’s even worse than the look of your current countertops is that they could be housing bacteria that no amount of scrubbing can erase.

             There is no reason to live with a kitchen that you absolutely hate! There are so many options of surfaces that you will love!

              Granite: Granite is the most popular surface we offer. Each slab is unique as nature gives us a wide variety of colors. No slab is the same! Whether you want to match the cabinets you already have or new cabinets that’s been installed, granite will be your most durable and ideal choice.

               Quartz: Quartz is becoming more popular among homeowners. It is a man-made surface composed of 95% ground up quartz and 5% polymer resins. Because of the nature of how it is manufactured, quartz is more solid and durable than granite, which is why it has become so popular in kitchens and high traffic areas. However, quartz is on average more expensive than granite.

               Marble: Marble is an elegant choice for your kitchen. It offers modern flair with crisp, bold colors. It is heat resistant but it will scratch and etch, so care must be taken in order to keep the marble looking new.

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