How to Choose the Right Stone for a Bathroom Remodel in Loganville, GA

Bathroom Remodel in Loganville, GA |

Your bathroom will look stunning when the bathroom remodel in Loganville, GA, is done. In the meantime, you have all the pleasure and excitement of choosing new countertops. The first question to consider is the type of stone you want.

  • Granite: Granite is durable and strong with a handsome freckled appearance.
  • Marble: Elegant marble offers distinctive veining and grows more beautiful with the patina of age.
  • Engineered Quartz: Made mostly of quartz, the engineered version is enhanced by the addition of resin that makes it nonporous.
  • Travertine: Made of limestone, travertine is characterized by consistency in color and streaks that flow across the surface. Sealing makes it water-resistant.

Each stone has its own merits, and you would be best served by talking to an expert about this. A company that fabricates and installs countertops and offers remodels for kitchens and bathrooms is your best source of information.

Talk to the professionals at that company about what you need and want. The fact that you would like a new countertop for your bathroom is information that is significant to the decision. Also, share your preferences for different types of stone, as well as varying colors. With this knowledge, a professional can assist you in choosing the perfect stone countertops for your new bathroom.

Choose your favorite stone as countertop material from Granite Access for your bathroom remodel in Loganville, GA.  We have granite, marble, quartz, and travertine. Call (678) 649-1445 today for information about our products and services.