Fast Facts About Granite Countertops

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The popularity of granite cannot be underestimated. It has become a standard for creating a kitchen countertop. Also, keep in mind that you will most likely need to replace your existing backsplash with a new granite countertop. The following are some facts that are good to know when you are considering picking out granite slabs for your new kitchen.

Maintenance Is Key

Despite its durability and density, granite is still porous. While granite stains are rare, it is important to clean up spills on the counter right after they happen because the longer a liquid like juice, oil, or wine stays on the counter, the better the chance that a stain will occur. You can seal your counters, but they should come to you already protected with a sealant.


The fabrication of granite can be done by machines or by hand. Machine fabricating is quicker, but may not polish the edges as well as hand polishing. A number of companies that use machines also have employees who manually polish the slabs after the machines are done.


You want to choose your granite slab in person and not from a picture. No two slabs are alike, and the age, origin, and soil composition of the stone all have an impact on its colors and quality.

Strength of Granite

Granite is extremely strong, but not unbreakable. Over time it may exhibit a couple of tiny chips that result from something like a heavy metal pan. However, a well-maintained countertop can last as long as 50 years without a single scratch.

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