The Beauty & Functionality of Tile Backsplashes in Atlanta

Tile Backsplashes in Atlanta

Tile backsplashes in Atlanta are a design element that is as appealing as it is practical. Having a backsplash behind the sink and/or stove adds a vibrant touch of color and keeps spills and splashes from marring your kitchen wall. Tile is the most popular and common material as it resists water and is easy to clean.

A backsplash can be so vibrant it can serve as the focal point of your kitchen. A kitchen designer can get very creative with this material. The options include combining different sizes, types, shapes, and colors of tile that can make a striking pattern or even a picture behind the kitchen sink. You can choose tile in colors that represent what’s already in your kitchen to unite the shades for a harmonious appearance.

It’s well worth the money it costs to upgrade your kitchen with a backsplash. The enhanced appeal makes this room a more enjoyable space to prepare and cook food, and the ease of cleaning makes it more pleasant to clean up afterward. Look for a qualified kitchen designer for help with choosing types, colors, sizes, and shapes of tile for your new backsplash.

Choosing Undermount Sinks in Atlanta for Your Bathroom

Undermount Sinks in Atlanta

The type of sink you choose for your bathroom does matter. It has a great deal to do with style, overall appearance, and ease of cleaning. What we’re seeing becoming more and more popular are undermount sinks in Atlanta.

This is not the traditional sink you usually see. Instead of being dropped into a space in the counter, this sink is fitted in from beneath. This changes the appearance entirely as you don’t see the usual lip that surrounds the basin.

Just this one change makes a big difference in the looks. Without this lip, the sink itself merges into the counter space, providing a streamlined modern appeal. Part of that appeal is cleaning, for the lip is no longer there to catch debris and make it harder to tidy up.

Not all countertop materials work with an undermount sink. We recommend using granite, marble, or solid surface countertops for countertops that are strong enough to support the sink’s full weight. This type of sink is often found in a designer bathroom and makes a house more attractive to prospective buyers. And, it’s ideal in a smaller bathroom for it maximizes counter space.

Finding the Right Home Flooring in Atlanta for Your Project

Home Flooring in Atlanta

Giving your home an update is a great way to improve its value and create a better living space to meet your needs. One of the most foundational elements in the process is choosing the best flooring for the project. You want something stylish, durable, and worth the price of your investment. When it comes to choosing home flooring in Atlanta, here are a few tips to make a smart choice for your situation:

Read Up On Your Options – The first step for flooring selection is to research the leading options in today’s market. Modern manufacturing gives homeowners more freedom than ever, so don’t discount luxury improvement on previously sub-par materials.

Examine Your Space – The best floors elevate and accentuate everything around them. Examine your décor and other design elements to make a choice that supports your distinctive style.

Consider Other Changes – When you’re renovating, it’s easy to plan each element separately. However, you’ll usually get better results when you can visualize the entire project. Many companies offer previews or visualizer tools for exactly this reason.

Work with Experts – Hire contractors with experience and proven results. Nothing replaces reliable expertise when it comes to delivering a stellar renovation or remodel, so trust a team that’s committed to excellence.

Remodeling with Custom Tile Flooring in Atlanta

Custom Tile Flooring in Atlanta

When you want to upgrade your space, one of the best options on the market is custom tile flooring in Atlanta. From kitchen renovations to bathroom remodels, tile makes an attractive choice and gives you more design freedom than many other alternatives. Here are a few of the best times to choose tile during your home improvement process:

When You Have a Unique Vision – Because tile can be cut, sized, and patterned with near-infinite freedom, you can achieve highly specific looks that won’t be found anywhere else. That makes it great for experienced interior designers and homeowners who want every detail to be perfect.

When You Live a Busy Life – Easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance, tile is a great choice for families and working professionals who don’t have time for extensive upkeep. Plus, it lets you handle messes without a hassle, even if you have children or pets to keep an eye on.

When You Want Long-Term Value – The right tile selection can radically improve a room’s worth, and stay stunning for years after the initial installation. If you’re looking for a smart investment that also makes your day-to-day life easier, few options give you the same results as a tile floor.

Granite & Marble for Bathroom Countertops in Atlanta

Bathroom Countertops in Atlanta

The material you choose for your bathroom countertops in Atlanta does matter. In fact, it makes a great deal of difference for the users, as well as potential buyers. Whether you select granite or marble is up to you, but using handsome natural stone enhances the appeal and value of your home.

There are two types of stone that stand out among others for use in your bathroom. These include granite and marble:

Granite — Granite is perennially popular due to its fascinating pattern with specks and swirls or streaks of colors. Available in a variety of shades, this stone fits into your color scheme. It certainly has the looks you need, as well as the durability. Granite resists scratches and scrapes and when sealed, provides a smooth surface that resists bacteria and germs.

Marble — With those fascinating swirls, marble makes a prized countertop for your bathroom. Its elegant appearance adds beauty and value to any property. You can choose polished marble for a handsome shine or honed stone for a matte finish. Then, too, marble is as tough as it is lovely, as it’s strong enough to resist chips and dents. When sealed, it does not allow cosmetics or hair products to stain its surface.

Whichever you choose for your bathroom countertops, granite or marble is sure to please.

The Natural Beauty of Granite Countertops in Athens, GA

Granite Countertops in Athens, GA

The timeless and variable beauty of granite has made this natural stone a staple in homes everywhere. This strong and durable material is available in an abundant selection of colors, meaning it can complement every style of décor.

Some of the most-loved features of granite are in its minute details — the appearance of flecks of different colors and the swirling patterns or streaks that decorate the surface. Those flecks are part of the coarse-grained structure of the stone. All of this combines to make granite earthy and elegant at the same time.

This characteristic makes this stone ideal for granite countertops in Athens, GA. Such appeal is what inspires homeowners and interior decorators alike to select granite to serve as the focal point of a kitchen. You can choose countertops from your favorite slab of granite and pick the flooring and appliances to match or vice-versa. Granite is handsome and offers enough variety to do both.

However, aesthetically pleasing, granite countertops are functional enough to serve you well. This stone:

Resists Heat, Which Is Essential in the Kitchen

Is Tough Enough to Fight Off Scratches & Dents

When Sealed, Doesn’t Allow Bacteria of Food Debris to Hide

Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

If your kitchen needs an update, there’s no reason to wait. As a space that has to be both beautiful and functional, it’s important to keep your cooking area looking its best and equipped with the most modern amenities on the market. Whether you’re a prolific home cook or a house flipper looking to make your latest investment more attractive to potential buyers, follow these tips to make the most of your kitchen renovation in Atlanta:

Maximize Your Space — One of the most vital parts of any kitchen is its storage. From pots and pans to a plethora of spices, any resident needs plenty of room to keep important tools and ingredients close at hand. Include shelving, additional cabinets, and other organizing solutions to turn a cramped kitchen into any home chef’s delight.

Invest Wisely — When you’re ready to improve any room, it can be tempting to reduce the project’s cost with less durable features. In the long run, though, tougher and pricier investments might give you better value for your money.

Think Holistically — Your focus may be on the kitchen, but it’s still part of the wider home. As you renovate, remember to create a cohesive space through complimentary design and décor choices.

Asking “Where Can I Find Granite Countertops Near Me” in Atlanta?

Granite Countertops Near Me in Atlanta

Before you invest in granite, know all of the benefits. You want to get the right match for your space and ensure that you can shop with confidence. So, what do you need to know before you search for “granite countertops near me” in Atlanta? Here are a few details to consider:

Durability — One of the most famous features that good granite delivers is a long-lasting countertop with superior strength over manmade materials. While it’s true that solid stone offers better heat-proofing and quality that can last lifetimes, not every slab of granite is the same. Make sure you choose a provider with a reputation for top-grade granite and an installer who knows how to properly set up your new counters.

Price — Many people focus in on the higher price point that comes with a granite counter, but value is about more than a purchasing cost. Choosing a weaker stone or a manufactured material might save on the price of a particular project, but it doesn’t give you granite’s long-lasting reliability. Compared to spending on repairs and replacements over the years, one solid investment might be better for your home, even on a budget.

Beauty — Though visual appeal can be subjective, granite is famous for its unique aesthetic and rich, naturalistic look. It’s far from the only stunning stone countertop out there, but nothing achieves the same beauty the same way.