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The Beauty & Functionality of Tile Backsplashes in Atlanta

Tile Backsplashes in Atlanta

Tile backsplashes in Atlanta are a design element that is as appealing as it is practical. Having a backsplash behind the sink and/or stove adds a vibrant touch of color and keeps spills and splashes from marring your kitchen wall. Tile is the most popular and common material as it resists water and is easy to clean.

A backsplash can be so vibrant it can serve as the focal point of your kitchen. A kitchen designer can get very creative with this material. The options include combining different sizes, types, shapes, and colors of tile that can make a striking pattern or even a picture behind the kitchen sink. You can choose tile in colors that represent what’s already in your kitchen to unite the shades for a harmonious appearance.

It’s well worth the money it costs to upgrade your kitchen with a backsplash. The enhanced appeal makes this room a more enjoyable space to prepare and cook food, and the ease of cleaning makes it more pleasant to clean up afterward. Look for a qualified kitchen designer for help with choosing types, colors, sizes, and shapes of tile for your new backsplash.

Choosing Undermount Sinks in Atlanta for Your Bathroom

Undermount Sinks in Atlanta

The type of sink you choose for your bathroom does matter. It has a great deal to do with style, overall appearance, and ease of cleaning. What we’re seeing becoming more and more popular are undermount sinks in Atlanta.

This is not the traditional sink you usually see. Instead of being dropped into a space in the counter, this sink is fitted in from beneath. This changes the appearance entirely as you don’t see the usual lip that surrounds the basin.

Just this one change makes a big difference in the looks. Without this lip, the sink itself merges into the counter space, providing a streamlined modern appeal. Part of that appeal is cleaning, for the lip is no longer there to catch debris and make it harder to tidy up.

Not all countertop materials work with an undermount sink. We recommend using granite, marble, or solid surface countertops for countertops that are strong enough to support the sink’s full weight. This type of sink is often found in a designer bathroom and makes a house more attractive to prospective buyers. And, it’s ideal in a smaller bathroom for it maximizes counter space.